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Grow your own tech leads

YOW! 2019 Brisbane

Great technical leaders don't grow on trees - but they can be grown in-house all the same. This can be an important source of opportunity, learning and satisfaction for team members, and dramatically improve retention. However, there are specific things that can be done to make this process smoother - and a multitude of ways to make it fail. There is a real and underappreciated art not just to being a great technical leader, but giving new ones the tools, the space -- and the constraints -- they need to thrive.

We'll look at the ways that architects, tech leads and managers can succeed or fail to help grow new technical leaders without excluding underrepresented folks, and a raft of actionable ideas for aspiring tech leads to take on board.

Ken Scambler

Software Architect



Ken is a Melbourne-based software developer with 17 years experience, and an architect at MYOB. While best known as a functional programming advocate & community organiser, his real focus in the last 5 years has been to make teams function, through advising, supporting, building, mentoring and leading.