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Modern Time-Series Methods

YOW! Data 2019

Time-series, as a field of study, has largely focused on statistical methods that work well under strict assumptions. Specifically, when there is sufficient history, there is little meta-data and a well-formed auto-correlation structure. However, as an applied practitioner I know that most real-world time series problems violate these assumptions. This leaves us with an opportunity to use more modern time series methods, based on machine learning, to overcome these deficiencies.

This session is designed to briefly speak about the unique properties of time-series, how statistical methods work and how and why machine learning (and deep learning) methods can be used to improve accuracy.

Kale Temple

Co-founder & Practice Director

University Of Sydney


I have consulted with a number of the world’s leading corporate and government organisations, where I have leveraged my expertise in data science and machine learning to architect solutions that empower business performance and growth.

I have co-founded and scaled two successful technology start-ups and as Data Scientist & Consultant at Agile BI, played a key role in building the business from the ground up into a world-leading Microsoft Power BI Partner.