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How to Experiment Quickly

YOW! 2019 Sydney

The ‘science’ in data science refers to the underlying philosophy that you don’t know what works for your business until you make changes and rigorously measure impact. Rapid experimentation is a fundamental characteristic of high functioning data science teams. They experiment with models, business processes, user interfaces, marketing strategies, and anything else they can get their hands on. In this talk I will discuss what data platform tooling and organisational designs support rapid experimentation in data science teams.

Juliet Hougland

Data Vagabond

Bagged & Boosted

United States

Data scientist and engineer with expertise in computational mathematics and years of hands-on machine learning and big data experience. Regular worldwide keynote and invited speaker. For many years Juliet has been a contributor to the open source community working on projects such as Apache Spark, Scalding, and Kiji.