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Intro to Kotlin Multiplatform and how to share code between Android and iOS

DevFest Melbourne 2019

Kotlin Multiplatform (that you probably refer to as Kotlin Native) is one of the new solution that appeared in the cross-platform toolkit. It is still recent but Kotlin Native hit beta with Kotlin 1.3 back in February.

This talk will introduce Kotlin Multiplatform, specifically in the context of sharing code between an iOS and Android application. It will go over a sample project using Kotlin Multiplatform and try to find advantages and drawbacks of the solution.

Julien Arzul

Software Engineer



Julien is a developer working at Bilue, a growing consultancy specialised in mobile and emerging technologies. Having worked most of his career in agencies/consultancies, he has had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects for a variety of clients ranging from big banks to entertainment companies or startups.

Specialised in Android, he loves Kotlin and clean code and is passionate about anything related to mobile and new technologies.