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How we went from 1 million to 1 billion events without throwing everything away

YOW! 2014 Brisbane

In startup time, 6 years practically stretches into prehistory. Technologies come in and out of fashion, patterns become anti-patterns, frameworks are born and die (…and then there’s Javascript). But what does it mean at business scale? Let’s take a technical look at the choices and consequences in a long-running codebase, and how it changes to support a business.

We will take a tour of New Relic’s history – examining database design choices, Ruby patterns, Javascript frameworks, and supporting deprecated libraries – and emerge the other side with insight on how to best survive the past while still innovating for the future.

Julian Giuca

Principal Engineer

New Relic

Julian is on the R&D team at New Relic, but has worn many hats over the years there. He was responsible for the business engineering infrastructure, lead the charge into service oriented archit...