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Intro to Elixir

YOW! Lambda Jam 2020 - 20 Jul

This workshop is an online workshop that will take place over two days:

  • Monday 20 July: 1pm - 5pm
  • Tuesday 21 July: 1pm - 5pm

Elixir is an extremely accessible functional programming language that is rapidly gaining popularity for good reason. With it's well curated, batteries-included tool chain, excellent documentation and its sheer simplicity, not to mention its incredible 30+ year Erlang heritage.

The goal of this workshop is to get you a basic familiarity with Elixir and the tools you'll need to be effective working in the language. It will be aimed at programmers who don't know Elixir, and don't necessarily know any functional programming.

The workshop is organised around a set of exercises that should take you through the basics of the language. Once you've got to grips with the language and tools you'll be ready to build a real time game server. In this workshop you'll learn everything you need to start building amazing, production ready Elixir applications.

Josh Price

Technical Director and Founder



Josh Price is a polyglot software developer and technology consultant based in Sydney, Australia.

He's passionate about modern approaches to Software Development and helping teams build amazing software faster with better tooling.
He usually describes himself as an applied problem solver, occasionally by writing software.He organises community events such as the Elixir Sydney and GraphQL Sydney meetups.
He also co-founded Alembic, which is building a team to bring functional programming and strongly typed APIs and their benefits to everyone's day to day work.Currently most of his work involves working with GraphQL and Elixir at the intersection of the realtime web.

Paul Fioravanti

Principal Consultant



Paul is a Sydney-based software developer and consultant who loves functional programming and tech communities.

He has an affinity for languages, whether human (Japanese and Italian), computer (Elixir, Elm etc), or their input methods, like his current focus, learning stenography.
He loves grass-roots tech meetups, and currently organises the Elixir, Elm, GraphQL, and Ruby meetups in Sydney. He has also mentored at Ruby InstallFest, Development Hub, Rails Girls, and Elixir Girls in Sydney, and helped organise Sydney Elixir Camp.
He is currently a Principal Consultant at Alembic, Sydney-based software development consultancy building cutting edge Web and API experiences.

Workshop Details

Target Audience
developers, Technical leads and Architects,programmers, testers, business analysts and product owners
Full day