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The Human Side of Haskell

YOW! Lambda Jam 2018

I've been writing Haskell at Arbor Networks for about a year now, and while there are certainly a ton of benefits on the technical side, and a lot of interesting concepts, some of the most profound (and least discussed) impacts of Haskell occur on the personal and team levels.

This is a talk about what I've learned about the human side of Haskell over the passed year. It touches on

  • How it makes it easier to think through problems and express yourself.
  • How it facilitates clear communication within teams.
  • How it allows for more agile decision making.
  • How it makes good practices the easy and natural thing to do
  • Some of the challenges and negative impacts it has.

It may be of interest to anyone curious about what Haskell is like as a full-time, production language at a commercial company, or to people who are interested in a viewpoint beyond or other than a technical one.