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Jordana Patterson

Planning Manager

World Vision Australia


Jordana has championed the adoption of Agile principles and mindsets in World Vision Australia’s Marketing Department over the last two years. Relatively new to Agile, she is continually learning new ways to help creative teams deliver better work and is passionate about helping teams discover better ways of working together. As Marketing Planning Manager, Jordana has a broad and challenging remit. Her role is part process design, part operations, part budget management, part portfolio management and part team coach! In addition to being ‘all things Agile’ at World Vision, she can often be found chasing two mini monsters around the house, baking up a storm or barracking for her beloved St Kilda football club. Jordana has worked at World Vision Australia for seven years.

Talks at YOW!

How Agility is helping the worlds most vulnerable children - Business Agility Australia 2019

Jordana will share her experience over the last two years of introducing and embedding Agile in the Marketing Department at World Vision, Australia’s largest international aid organisation. She’ll provide insights into how her team has broken new ground in adapting Agile principles and tools for a not-for-profit environment, where the business goal is transformation in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. She’ll also delve into the unique challenges of applying Agile in the Marketing space and across a department comprising a broad sweep of functional disciplines, from Product, Brand, Creative and Social through to Campaign Management, Marketing Automation and Data & Analytics. You’ll hear what Jordana has learned along the way – evolving from the chaos of competing priorities, resource bottlenecks, and everyone starting everything but completing very little, to a place where continual improvements to shared working rhythms and rituals are starting to deliver real results.

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