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Eleven Little Life-enhancing Libraries for Scala

YOW! Lambda Jam 2019

A microlibrary should do one thing and do it well. It's a recipe for composability. This talk will be a rapid-fire tour de force of eleven Propensive microlibraries, each one given exactly two minutes to demonstrate its uniqueness and usefulness for everyday tasks. You will see new ways to: execute system processes, work with CSV, calculate digests, use annotations, pattern match on strings, abstract over monads, work with lenses, diff ADTs, generate valid HTML, statically-check interpolated strings and compose async graphs. Each one comes with a firm focus on typesafety, elegant syntax and a humorously magniloquent name!

Jon Pretty



United Kingdom

Jon has been having fun riding the bleeding edge of Scala for nearly fifteen years, and he's not finished yet! While he's not travelling the world attending Scala conferences, or organizing Scala World, Jon spends his time working on a variety of open-source Scala libraries, such as Fury and Magnolia, and providing professional Scala training services.