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Sustainable, Lasting, Authentic Change

YOW! 2019 Melbourne

Sometimes, teams just want the answer. The one true way. And as coaches, sometimes we turn up with all the answers. A sprinkle of magic Scrum dust there, a dose of Kanban potion here and before they know it, they are transformed! But then we leave. And alone the teams struggle and often fall back to their old ways of working. How do we make lasting change within the teams we work with?

Over the last 20 years, John has helped countless teams. But in the last 2 years, when his world was turned upside down, he realised that changing a team is exactly what gets in the way of a team changing.

  • How to create lasting change in teams.
  • How to help teams find their own authentic process.
  • How to notice when your out of alignment with your context.
  • How inauthenticity affects teams’ energy and engagement.

John Le Drew


Wise Noodles

United Kingdom

John has spent most of the last 2 decades working in the software industry, with a focus on web technologies. After 10 years as a software engineer John moved into consultancy where he quickly learned the value of team dynamics and how most technical challenges are projecting underlying issues with collaboration. So his focus shifted, while still being very involved technically, his first focus is on facilitating a safe, creative, collaborative environment.

As well as his coaching and consultancy work, John also produces The Agile Path podcast