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Connection Management, FP Style: A Case Study

YOW! Lambda Jam 2013

Many applications face the problem of communicating to external processes via stateful connections, for instance JDBC connections to databases, or SSH connections to a network server. Traditional manual connection handling a la JDBC places all the management burden on the client code, and is error prone.

For a recent project we designed – with prudent use of the Reader, Free and IO monads – a superior API that prevents misuse. This talk explores the evolution of this API and the challenges it presented and solved.

Jed Wesley-Smith

Director of Engineering

Simple Machines


Jed Wesley-Smith is a programming philosopher, concerned with how software behaves, scales and composes. He has been a functional programmer for the last 10 years, having discovered FP as a technique to simplify intractable concurrency problems, and then became such an enthusiastic proponent he was nicknamed Captain Immutable at Atlassian. Jed is currently Director of Engineering at Simple Machines, is a YOW! Evangelist, as well as a co-organiser of the FP-Syd and ScalaSyd user-groups.