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The Ultimate Metric

YOW! 2019 Brisbane

Since the dawn of software development, we've struggled with a huge disconnect between the management world and the engineering world. We try to explain our problems in terms of "technical debt", but somehow the message seems to get lost in translation, and we drive our projects into the ground, over and over again. What if we could detect the earliest indicators of a project going off the rails, and had data to convince management to take action? What if we could bridge this communication gap once and for all? In this session, we'll focus on a key paradigm shift for how we can measure the human factors in software development, and translate the "friction" we experience in “Idea Flow” into explicit risk models for project decision-making.

Arty Starr


DreamScale, Inc.

United States

Arty is the author of Idea Flow, a data-driven approach to measuring the “friction” in developer experience, and making improvement decisions with science rather than gut feel. After a 17-year career as a developer, consultant, and CTO specialized in statistical process control, data supply chain, and the art of mentorship, she is now a full-time entrepreneur, building the meta tooling platform of her dreams.