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Scale, Microservices and Flow

YOW! 2019 Melbourne

Recent research summarised in the book Accelerates points to a set of practices that lead to high software development organisation performance. Simultaneously, research from the Santa Fe Institute on Complex Adaptive Systems over the last 20 years seems to point to a grand unified theory of organisational design. So have we cracked it? Do we now have the answer to the question: how do we create and scale high performing software and organisations? In this talk, James explores this research and takes a look at the surprising links between microservices, elephants, Sydney and companies.

James Lewis

Principal Consultant


United Kingdom

James is a developer at ThoughtWorks. As a member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board, the group that creates the Technology Radar, he contributes to industry adoption of open source and other tools, techniques, platforms and languages. For the last few years he has been working as a coding architect on projects built using microservices; exploring new patterns and ways of working as he goes. James has spoken at many international conferences. His previous topics range from domain driven design, SOA and the future of the web to agile adoption patterns and lean thinking. He’s also heavily involved in the fledgling microservice community. He rather likes the fact that he got to describe his take on things jointly with Martin Fowler in a paper that is influencing how people see the future of software architecture.