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Connecting the dots - building and structuring a functional application in Scala

YOW! Lambda Jam 2021

Functional programming relies on building programs from orthogonal, composable blocks. That's likely one of the reasons why full-blown application frameworks haven't gained much traction in the functional ecosystem.

However, we still need to structure our code and wire up our applications in a way that lets us keep them modular, testable and simply pleasant to work with - in this talk, we will learn how to do just that!

In this talk, we will walk through the architecture design and testing setup for a functional app on the Typelevel stack that integrates with several third-party services to process data in a streaming fashion, and expose its results to downstream clients.

Jakub Kozłowski

Scala Developer

Disney Streaming Services


Jakub is a Senior Software Engineer who specializes in functional programming in Scala. He spends his free time learning about tech, experimenting with new libraries, skating and catching up on sleep.