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What is 'this'? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

YOW! 2018 Brisbane

Have you ever wondered what _this_ actually is, and how it relates to other JavaScript black magic, like prototypes or the _new_ keyword? Many frameworks have been designed to hide you from needing to fully understanding this and many related concepts.

In this session, Jake will dive into all of the above and will also cover how the new ES2015 language features like arrow functions, keywords like let, const and classes with constructor functions which make dealing with _this_ much easier to understand.

Jake Ginnivan

Tech Lead

Seven West Media


Jake is currently the Tech Lead at Seven West Media WA working on their new digital news platform. Before this, he spent many years as a consultant for Readify with a brief 2 year sabbatical to London working in the finance industry for Adaptive Consulting. He is passionate about open source, mentoring, web development, beer and whisky.