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Functional Programming in Spring with Arrow, Lenses and Effects

YOW! Lambda Jam 2019

With the introduction of Kotlin as a supported language, as well as the Arrow functional programming framework, building a functional web application with Spring has never been easier. More importantly, the conversion path from an Object Oriented Spring app to a Functional Programming Spring app can be accomplished with little risk and much reward.

Spring is the most widely used JVM web framework. For many years, the paradigm it has adopted has been object-oriented, stateful and imperative. This talk will show how to take such a codebase and refactor it into a functional programming style. It will show the benefits of this approach with regards to clarity, stability, safety and testability.

Jacob Bass

Engineering Manager



Jacob’s first introduction to programming was automating Excel spreadsheets because he was too lazy to copy-paste. His interest in doing more by typing less led him to software, where he mostly develops tools and libraries for teams to use internally.