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Scaling Analytics as your Company Grows

YOW! Data 2019

Analysts are a bottleneck, they can't answer all the questions that are coming from their business users

Business users are heavily dependant on their analysts, as a result, when the analyst is not available they either wait for a long time or act according to their gut feeling

Analysts are feeling frustrated because they are underutilized. Most of their tasks require simple querying and dashboarding while they want to do data science

Does any of these sounds familiar? then you should join this talk.

Back in the days, when Atlassian had only a few hundreds of employees, we used to hire analysts to help the business teams with insights generation. As we grew, we hired more of them, but we came across these problems and we realized that this approach is not scalable.

During this talk, I will show how we solved these problems. We will see the Atlassian journey towards self serve analytics and data-driven culture.

Itzik Feldman

Product Manager for Data Engineering and Analytics



Itzik Feldman is the analytics platform product manager of Atlassian. He is passionate about data engineering at scale, which transforms data to insights and turns to a competitive advantage. In this role, he is helping Atlassian teams to maximize their insights generation by providing the right tools and education while making sure that the data can be trusted.