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Automatic Programming How Far can Machines Go?

YOW! 2018 Brisbane

Program synthesis is the wild west beyond code generators and onward toward self-programming systems. What can it do for us? The answer, right now, is not a lot. It can harness the wisdom of the crowd to help reproduce scenarios that are repeated often, and in narrow scopes tools can make educated guesses about what the programmer intended, but full automatic program synthesis is likely impossible. Specifically because of this, it becomes most interesting to explore what it can't and won't be able to do on its own. Self-programming systems might be past the horizon, but getting a human more involved makes a big difference, and while the computer might never program for us, it might make for a decent pair-programming partner. We'll look at glimpses of this future, in academia and outside it, and see why they're more IDE plugins and less the robot apocalypse.

Hila Peleg

Doctoral Researcher

Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology


Hila Peleg is a doctoral researcher in the Department of Computer Science at the Technion. Hila's research entails designing synthesis tools to help programmers navigate new programming languages and unfamiliar APIs. Prior to her graduate degree, Hila spent over a decade as a developer on enterprise server projects, and she also holds a degree in literature.