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The catastrophic consequences of not being awesome at plots

YOW! Data 2018

“Hey boss, we made a totally rad deep learning algorithm! It trawls through the internet and literally tells the future!”

“Yeah, cool. But do you have a plot I can show the board?”

Data visualisation is the capstone of data science. As businesses collate massive and disparate data streams, and as algorithms become more complex, communicating results has become more important and more challenging than even before. We need to to start placing as much importance on accessible visualisation as we do on database architecture or algorithm design.

In this talk I will present some core visualisation principles that I have developed over 15 years of experience visualising (literally) astronomical datasets, carbon emissions, behavioural analytics, even the odd basketball game. These can be employed by any data scientist to help their data tell the right story to the right people.

Hercules Konstantopoulos

Principal Data Scientist

Contact Energy

New Zealand

Growing up by the mountains of Northern Greece, Hercules Konstantopoulos developed a fascination with the night sky and all its intrigue. After a career as a researcher in astrophysics that spanned ten years and four continents, he became drawn to addressing a greater variety of data-related problems. Data science ensued with work on sustainability, renewable energy, and enterprise software. His work focusses on converting information into product strategy and business direction, and on creating informative and accessible data visualisation.