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5 Ways to Get Better at Reteaming when Scaling Your Company

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Reteaming is inevitable, especially when your company is hiring like crazy and doubling in size. Your teams grow and split. Twenty people arrive in one day. You acquire a company and need to blend. You have multiple offices and are distributed. With time, you can get better at morphing structurally and refocusing people and work. The question is, how can we best include and support the humans with all of this organizational change? I’ll share 5 recommendations.

Heidi Helfand

Director of Engineering Excellence

Procore Technologies

United States

Heidi brings a practitioner approach with 17 years coaching and influencing cross-functional teams. She is currently Director of Engineering Excellence at Procore Technologies in Carpinteria, California. Prior to that, she was an early employee at two highly successful startups from roughly 10 team members to 700. The first was ExpertCity, Inc. (acquired by CitrixOnline) where she was on the development team that invented GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. After that she was Principal Agile Coach at AppFolio, Inc., a SAAS workflow software company that went public in 2015.