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Hadas Wittenberg

Future of Work Enabler

Adaptive Futures

New Zealand

Hadas Wittenberg is a Future Of Work Enabler and the Founder of Adaptive Futures, an innovative venture purposed with enabling a human-centric future of work.   Hadas’s expertise in strategic leadership, hands-on management of large-scale global teams and a proven track record of leading transformation programmes provide her with a unique combination of insights. Since starting her career in the early ’90s, Hadas was drawn into the areas of organisational changes, particularly those that were driven by the advancements in Technology. Being at the front of these exponential changes, she has seen the impact on people and organisations.  Hadas is now focusing her attention on enabling a future where we apply technology broadly, alongside human creativity and productivity by finding a holistic and systematic approach to solve the broken links between people engagement, organisational culture and work performance. Known for her no-nonsense approach, Hadas will talk about what is probable, what is possible, and what do we need to solve for. 

Talks at YOW!

Business agility, can we change the way we think? - Business Agility Australia 2019

With digitalisation, automation, globalisation, and many more xxions…businesses are expected to embark on the next wave of change, from Lean and Reengineering to Digital and Agile. The cycles are shorter, the stakes are higher, however, somehow it feels we’ve been there before…and failed. The future is already here but without a profound change in the way we think, all we see is more of the same.

What makes the difference between successful agile organisations and most businesses that are straggling with the latest change is their collective ability to learn and do it fast and repeatedly as the context changes. These agile organisations learned how to successfully navigate unfamiliar terrains, without a need for a map.

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