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Architecting Enterprise Transformation 37 Things One Architect Knows

YOW! 2017 Sydney - 06 Dec

Many large enterprises are under pressure to transform their IT architecture and organization, as their business is attacked by “digital disruptors”. IT architects can play a key role in such a transformation because they combine the technical, communication, and organizational skill to apply IT for the benefit of the business. Their job is not an easy one, though: they must maneuver in an organization where IT is often still seen as a cost center, where operations means “run” as opposed to “change”, and where middle-management has become cozy neither understanding the business strategy nor the underlying technology.

This workshop illustrates how software or IT architects can play an active role in driving the digital transformation of a large enterprise. To do so, they need to extend their horizon beyond dealing with technology to navigate organizational politics, get management attention, work with external vendors, and pick the right battles. The examples and anecdotes originate from the presenter’s experience as Chief Architect in a large financial services organization that is undergoing a massive IT transformation.


Gregor Hohpe


Singapore Smart Nation


Gregor is a recognized thought leader on asynchronous messaging and service-oriented architectures. He is widely known as co-author of the seminal book “Enterprise Integration Patterns” and as frequent speaker at conferences around the world. He is an active member of the IEEE Software editorial advisory board.

He has documented his experience as an architect driving IT transformation in the eBook "37 Things One Architect Knows".

Workshop Details

Target Audience
Architects, software engineers, technical leaders and anyone with an interest in IT architecture and digital transformations.
Full day

Learning Outcomes

This workshop covers the different aspects a chief architect has to tackle as part of a digital transformation including:

* The role and qualities of an enterprise or IT architect
* How architecture influences digital transformation
* How to communicate to a variety of stakeholders to instigate change
* Understanding organizational structures and systems
* Putting it all together to achieve innovation and transformation


  • Laptop with wifi-internet access
  • An internet connection