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Data Maturity Levels

YOW! Data 2020

At a startup, typically the main concern is survival. Advanced analysis techniques and machine learning is often a luxury or even a distraction from the prime directive - don't die. However, as a startup grows,the data requirements evolve and eventually the startup morphs into a larger company where data is a core competitive advantage that drives decision making and product features.

In this talk, I describe what this evolution looks like and provide a framework to evaluate the different data maturity levels that a company may be at. This framework can not only be applied to a growing company, it can also be applied to a team or department within an already established company.

Greg Roodt

Data Engineering Lead



A Software Engineer and Startup Founder with experience building successful large-scale web and mobile applications. Passionate about creating products that customers love.

Specialties: Java, Scala, Python, Swift, Web, iOS, Android, Linux, AWS.