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Protecting Australia’s red meat industry with interactive data visualisation

YOW! Data 2018

Anyone who has seen a computer simulation of the spread of a pandemic would appreciate the power of visualisation to manage the situation.

In Australia there exists the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), which is used to trace the movements of cattle in the event of a serious disease outbreak.

Using Neo4j we will demonstrate a tracing exercise across a dataset of over 400 million movement events showing the power of interactive data visualisation.

Grant Carlson

Technology Manager

Integrity Systems Company


I am a software guy with 25 years of building systems and products through coding and management. Now in the AgTech industry and loving it - working for MLA on the various Integrity Systems keeping food safe and exportable on the world market.

James Binh Tham


Integrity Systems Company


James (Binh) Tham is a hands-on solution architect working for Integrity Systems Company. He's in charge at providing full-stack solutions for integrity systems as well as solutions for BigData, AI and machine learning and blockchain, etc .

He hold a master degree in computing, TOGAF9.1 Certification (part I+II) and 15 years working in IT industry.