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Functional Programming in Education

YOW! Lambda Jam 2019

This talk looks at how functional programming has been used in tertiary education, and how it could be used in the future.
In 1985, Abelson and Sussman's course Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs made enduring contributions to the art of educating programmers. How to Design Programs later refined some of these ideas, with a new emphasis on decomposing problems and designing solutions. I argue further improvements could be made. In particular, by using a typed functional programming language like Haskell.

This talk will suggest approaches and recommend resources that could be used in the modern education of undergraduate programmers. Such recommendations are also applicable to industry programmers looking to learn functional programming or organisations looking to develop internal training material.

George Wilson

Functional Programming Engineer



George is an enthusiastic programmer working at the Queensland Functional Programming Lab within Data61/CSIRO. George loves working with and speaking about Functional Programming, usually in Haskell. George is a member of the Haskell Core Libraries Committee and Committee. He also co-organises the Brisbane Functional Programming Group.