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Five common signs of a dysfunctional leadership team

YOW! CTO Summit 2019 Brisbane

Atlassian is one of the most successful tech companies to come out of Australia, and healthy leadership teams are critical to Atlassian’s ongoing success. These leadership teams, often referred to as triads, are responsible for driving the direction and delivery of Atlassian’s products and platforms. They are cross-functional, most commonly represented by Engineering, Product Management and Design. But it’s not all rosy. Leadership teams are vulnerable to the same problems that befall regular teams, as well as additional pitfalls that come from being in a leadership position. If a leadership team breaks down, this can have a catastrophic ripple effect across teams and projects. How can you spot the signs of a failing, dysfunctional leadership team?

In this talk, two cross-functional members of an Atlassian triad will reflect on past experience in the triad structure. We’ll provide practical advice grounded in real examples, reflecting on what has worked well, what has been lacking and what are the clear & common danger signs to look out for. You'll come away with practical takeaways to help you reflect on your own leadership team and make significant improvements.

George Burrows

Engineering Manager



I am an Engineering Manager in the Atlassian Growth Team responsible for delivering awesome customer experiences & integrations across the full Atlassian suite. Always passionate about technical delivery I have led engineering teams in the gaming, VFX, mobile, and travel industries as well as founding my own start-up,, in 2003. 

Leandro Balan

Principal Product Manager



I'm a Principal Product Manager at Atlassian, working in the Growth team on large-scale projects with high business impact. I've previously also worked as a Software Engineer at Animal Logic, CapGemini and BAE Systems.