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Fraedom Practice Model 2.0

Business Agility Australia 2018

In 2015, after growing to 150 people, Fraedom established a practice model inspired by Spotify patterns. An additional innovation was the HR advisor now called "People and Experience Partner"

The purpose of this talk is to discuss the challenges of refreshing an org structure to broaden agile practices, during rapid growth, in an uncertain Fintech environment. Incremental change for a mature organisation that has some normalised dysfunction also requires a different approach to a baseline Agile transformation. This all needs to be done without damaging the award winning culture, we are CIO Awards winners 2018.

This year Fraedom comprises over 300 people, is more mature and less mature. After the acquision of Fraedom by VISA it is expected that the organisation will double in size again in the next few years. Also this year, the speaker was appointed as Agile Practice Lead with the brief to coach the team of Scrum Masters to excellence, review and refresh on the Value Stream of product Delivery and consult on an overall upgrade of our Organisational OS, to Practice model 2.0.

Practice 2.0 will build on the first iteration, enable growth beyond the Dunbar number of 150 people, and spread beyond just the technology part of the enterprise. While it will have its own release version, the intent beyond is to have a far more adaptive approach to organisational design.

The speaker will describe cultural challenges and how to embed 'keystone habits' of collaboration, learning, slicing and swarming so that our beliefs and behaviours enable the organisation grow without compromising the 'startup' mindset that exists.

Gareth Holebrook

Agile Practice Lead


New Zealand

Gareth is an Agile Practitioner with a background in leading transformations in the financial sector in New Zealand. Also a Trainer for Software Education. Currently leading a practice of 10 Scrum Masters and supporting 15 Product Owners for 20 development teams in a 300 strong technology organisation.


Initial education was as an Engineering Apprentice in the Royal Navy before studying Japanese Management principles in the early '90s. Worked at Sony Corp as a development engineer before moving to New Zealand. Very interested in lean principles learned in electronics manufacturing and how it can apply to all types of work flows.


When not at work,  runs a small holding farm in Northland New Zealand, and has represented NZ at the ITU Triathlon world championships in the past 5 years, also finishing 15 Ironman races.