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Metrics that Matter: Outcomes over Outputs

YOW! 2014 Melbourne

The metrics that are commonly used for assessing software team productivity are based on outputs in the form of features, user stories or function points, and throughput measures such as story points or cycle time.

The big question is, are these the right metrics? Or are we only measuring these because they are easy?

According to one of the leading research companies, the next emerging trend is to move away from these throughout and output measures to ‘Outcome metrics’. Where throughput measures the effort over time, and outputs measure how much you deliver, outcomes measure the results achieved at the desired quality levels.

In this compelling talk, Gabrielle Benefield will discuss the pitfalls of traditional metrics and how they are not fit for purpose, then provide an alternative approach that teams are adopting worldwide using the Mobius framework.

Gabrielle will walk a case study where they used this method to save a client twelve million pounds annually, after only two days work and dramatically changed the product backlogs for the teams.

Not only can outcome metrics transform the business, they can also be used to assess the technical quality of what is being built, align the customer and suppliers to build ‘the right product’ and give suppliers a competitive edge.

Gabrielle Benefield