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Implementation of MicroService Architecture

YOW! 2014 Melbourne

MicroService Architectures has debuted on the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar as the first technology they address, and with strong recommendations to immediately experiment. In this talk, we will outline the guidelines we have used at two different companies to implement MicroServices. And more importantly, we will tell you about the pitfalls we have encountered.

Fred George


Fred George Consulting

United States

Fred George is an active industry consultant, and has been writing code for nearly 50 years in (by his count) over 75 languages. He has delivered projects and products across his career, and in the last decade alone, has worked in the US, India, China, and the UK. An early adopter of new technologies, Fred continues to impact the industry with his leading­-edge ideas, advocating Micro­Service Architectures since 2005 and flat team structures (under the moniker of Programmer Anarchy). He travels the globe speaking and consulting on these topics. Oh, and he still writes code!