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Immutability for Concurrency

YOW! Lambda Jam 2020

Functional programming has been influencing mainstream languages for decades, making developers more efficient whilst helping them reduce maintenance costs. As we are faced with a programming model that needs to scale on multi-core architectures and distributed environments, concurrency becomes critical. In these concurrency models, immutability, a key feature of functional programming paradigm, will become even more evident. To quote Simon Peyton Jones, future concurrent languages will be functional; they might not be called functional, but the features will be. In this talk, we explain why!

Francesco Cesarini

Founder & Technical Director

Erlang Solutions

United Kingdom

Founder and Technical Director at Erlang Solutions, a multi-national company specialised in soft real time systems which requirements of high scalability and availability. Our customers are in the financial, telecoms, gaming, IoT and messaging space.

I have worked with the Erlang ecosystem since 1994 and was on the team who worked on the OTP R1 release. I co-authored Erlang Programming and Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP, both published by O'Reilly media. Lecturer at the University of Oxford, participated in the Future Learn Erlang MOOC, O'Reilly and U. of Kent online Master Classes and regularly conference talks and tutorials.