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Tests that get under the skin

DevFest Melbourne 2019

When writing tests for your Android app its easy to end up with tests that are brittle, make changing your app harder, and require a lot of maintenance.

This is a tale of our mistakes, our learnings and how we have devised our testing strategy to allow us to write more meaningful, fast, flexible tests, that are easy to read and change and don't respond to structural changes.

While the talk touches on the tooling we use, it is predominantly about the strategy and how we utilise unidirectional data flow and viewmodels to write subcutaneous tests for the majority of our system on one hand and fast running UI tests on the other.

Florian Sprenger

Senior Android Developer



Being a self-taught polyglot generalist, I have worked on a wide range of systems, projects and products in the last two decades. My journey includes building immersive multimedia experiences for telenovelas and chocolate manufacturers, a decade in social and mobile gaming with a focus on multi user games and building SDKs, helping people turn on and off their smart lighting and most recently making business more beautiful.

While outside of work I still enjoy riding my bicycle, recently my focus has shifted to entertaining my son.