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Enduring Engineering Practices

YOW! Perth 2019

Does TDD apply to infrastructure as code? Can you continuously deploy to a data lake?

As software engineers in this post-agile and post-devops industry we have a much much larger surface area of technology to take care of. To ship a feature we often touch everything from application code to data pipelines to infrastructure and operational tooling. The tools and platforms we use are changing rapidly. As we race towards every new set of technologies and techniques, we’re required to learn how to make use of it safely and effectively. In this talk, we will explore how a core set of engineering values and practices apply in an enduring way, illustrated with practical examples.

Evan Bottcher

Head of Engineering



Evan is a an experienced hands-on technical leader with more than two decades of experience building and integrating systems, providing clients with advice on technology strategy, enterprise architecture and software delivery practices.

Shohre Mansouri

Sr. Consultant Developer



Shohre Mansouri is a Senior Developer with more than 18 years experience developing web-based business applications.
She is passionate about software quality and good practices as she finds it directly relates to people's happiness. 
She believes no one should suffer doing their job, neither as a Developer nor a user.
During her spare time, Shohre pursues animal rights activism.