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Pippi’s Book of the Dead Trading Cards

YOW! 2014 Melbourne

Did you know there are thousands of visual tools available to help you solve problems, innovate, and improve everything that you do? But with thousands available from many authors, how do you figure out which tools to run? And when?

Pippi’s Book of the Dead Trading Cards explains a new concept called seestringssm, visual, concatenated equations to see and solve problems.

Topics include:

What is a seestring?
How do you build a seestring?
How do you run one?
How I use seestrings in my Agile practice
This is an abbreviated version of the Seestrings Workshop, ideal for advanced Agile/Scrum team members.

For more information, Kramer: Seestrings in Black + White video:

Elizabethe Kramer

Agile consultant


United States

Elizabethe Kramer (known as just Kramer) has been an Agile consultant for companies such as Nationwide Insurance, Pfizer, Samsung, Cisco,Independent Health, and ZTE Corp (China). She now teaches and places Agile Coaches and Product Owners.