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Cadenza: Building Fast Functional Languages Fast

YOW! Lambda Jam 2020

In this talk Ed will give live coding introduction to normalization by evaluation. He will then show how Graal and Truffle, on the JVM, can be (ab)used to JIT functional languages. He discussesd why this seems like a promising direction for evaluating dependently typed languages in particular.

Edward Kmett

Research Engineer

Machine Intelligence Research Institute

United States

Edward spent most of his adult life trying to build reusable code in imperative languages before realizing he was building castles in sand. He converted to Haskell in 2006 while searching for better building materials. He now chairs the Haskell core libraries committee, collaborates with hundreds of other developers on over 250 projects on github, works on ways to try to better scale functional programming, logic programming and formal methods at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, and is obsessed with finding better tools so that seven years from now he won’t be stuck solving the same problems with the same tools he was stuck using seven years ago.