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What happens when Galactic Evolution and Data Science collide?

YOW! Data 2018

This talk will cover a short trip around our Milky Way Galaxy and a discussion of how data science can be used to detect faint and sparse objects such as the dwarf satellites and streams that helped form the galaxy we live in. The data science applications and algorithms used determine the accuracy with which we can make detections of these mysterious bodies and with the advent of greater cloud computing capability the sky is no longer the limit when it comes to programming or Astronomy

Elaina Hyde




Trained in Astrophysics, from 2017 Elaina took her interest in machine learning and data science and is putting it to good use in the area of consulting. Her experience as a fellow and part time lecturer at the University of Western Sydney in Australia as well as the Information Support Officer for ITSO at the Australian Astronomical Observatory gives her a high degree of technical expertise. She completed a PhD degree at Macquarie University and a bachelor’s in Astronomy and Physics (with minors in Optical Engineering and Planetary Sciences) from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, a masters research program at the Max-Plank Institute, as well as a masters program in Astrophysics from the University of Amsterdam. These studies allowed her to participate in research in engineering and astrophysics. Her current favourite programming languages are Python, C, R and SQL.

Elaina is interested in data science applications as well as the theory behind the algorithms, in particular for machine learning, data analysis, classification algorithms and AI. Elaina enjoys public speaking and giving talks as well as participating in public events and even sometimes 'star parties' where knowledge can be shared with the larger community. Her interests include in coding machine learning algorithms in Python to search astrophysical databases and combining that approach with a public facing projects.

Her main focus area is cloud computing and providing solutions utilizing the Google Cloud Platform. She has a passion for teaching and was the lead instructor for the immersive data science course at General Assembly in Sydney (DSI2, 2017). She is a certified Google Cloud Engineering Instructor and she will leverage her past experience as a lecturer at university to assist in running the Servian Google Cloud courses. Providing consulting to data science based projects both in and above the cloud.