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What’s new in F# 5.0 and beyond

YOW! Lambda Jam 2021

The F# language delivers practical, enjoyable, and productive programming for the era of the cloud. At the core of F# is succinct, performant functional-first programming, compiling to both .NET and Javascript, with cross-platform, open-source toolchains for those at home in either ecosystem.

In this talk I’ll describe how in F# 5.0 and beyond we are adding more magic right across the F# stack – keeping programming simple and correct yet delivering the features you need for maximum productivity:

  • Added expressivity and performance for DSLs using F# computation expressions
  • High-performance state machines and resumable code for functional DSLs for collections, tasks, asynchronous sequences, and more
  • Improved package management integration in F# scripting
  • Interactive notebooks and a wide range of other tooling improvements
  • F# analyzers, e.g. for additional shape checking in AI tensor programming
  • Turnkey programming stacks for the client, server, and full-stack programming

Join me for this walk through the latest in 2021 for F#

Don Syme

Principal Researcher


United Kingdom

am a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. I work with researchers, Microsoft and open source communities to make better programming technologies, and, through that, make people more productive and happier.

My main responsibility is the design and implementation of the F# programming language. I've also worked on the design of virtual machines, the C# language (being co-responsible for C# and .NET generics, and one of many contributors to C# asynchronous programming) and, indirectly, Visual Basic and other .NET languages.

As a researcher, my area is programming language design and implementation, with emphasis on making languages that are simpler to use, interoperate well with other languages and which incorporate aspects of object-oriented, asynchronous and parallel programming. I am interested in programming language perspectives on type inference, concurrency, reactivity, extensible pattern matching and language-oriented programming. I also work extensively with teams in the Microsoft Developer Division on other programming-related technologies.

Don is the primary author of Expert F#. In the past I have worked in formal specification, interactive proof, automated verification and proof description languages. I have a PhD from the University of Cambridge and am a member of the WG2.8 working group on functional programming.