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Predictive Modelling for Online Advertising

YOW! Data 2019

No longer is the ‘spray and pray’ methodology for finding customers working. No more is spamming people with numerous, unsolicited emails effective. Never again will 'stalking' with clumsy banners be cutting edge. Today it’s all about a strategy based on finding the right prospects, using the right channels, at the right time AND making them feel like they found you – not the other way around.

I will walk attendees through Marketing Science in the era of big data. We’ll begin with defining an ‘ideal/value customer’ , and - spoiler alert - it is not set in stone, smart tracking elements and AI models will allow your company to create your own portraits of the perfect customer and adjust it as you learn more, then you will know every little thing about them – inside and out.

With this knowledge half the journey is complete. We then capture those customers – at the right time and at the right place. How? We work to understand their behaviour, we capture their signals, we leverage advertising platform optimisation models, and we let the magic of data science do its thing – and shine. Every competitive advertising platform today incorporates optimisation models. I have extensive experience with some of them (Facebook, Google, Instagram) and I want to share what I have learnt and how you can take advantage of a gigantic data science effort put into those smart machines. To illustrate all of this we’ll go through various approaches, & will conclude will the model I built; the one ultimately probed & used with data scientists – at one of the biggest online advertising platforms in the world.