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In The Belly Of The Whale: Tales From Haskell In The Enterprise

YOW! Lambda Jam 2021

What is it like to bring Haskell to a large enterprise with an established
culture? There are success stories for specialized teams, but what about the mainstream? We've been working in the trenches alongside enterprise developers doing Haskell for nearly 3 years and have lots to report. Ranging from the Haskell language and the ecosystem around it to how it has impacted the systems and people working with it, we will examine the journey from an introduction that took us into stormy seas and the vision of clear skies ahead.

David Vollbracht


Flipstone Technology Partners, Inc.

United States

David is a self-taught software crasftman with a background in mathematics. He loves working with people to make things and is always looking for ways to improve the craft of software engineering. As a partner at Flipstone, this had led to the adoption and promotion of Haskell across multiple projects and clients. The rest of David's time is devoted to his family, especially playing board games and learning music.

Trevis Elser

Software Engineer

Flipstone Technology Partners

United States

Trevis works with teams writing real-world applications in Haskell as well as helping team members with little to no experience in the language get up to speed. His focus is delivering high-quality and maintainable systems using practical Haskell, along with other tools. Other interests of operating systems, security, choice, and usability, drive Trevis during spare time.