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The Structure and Beauty of the Mathematica Language

YOW! 2014 Melbourne

Mathematica is a platform for technical computing used by applied mathematicians and engineers. While Mathematica is an immensely powerful and productive system it hasn’t been on the radar of most practitioners of the computer arts. Sadly, the computer science crowd never gets to see the beautiful programming language that is the heart of Mathematica, which has now been named “The Wolfram Language”. Of course, the Mathematica Programming Language is a functional programming language and a dynamically typed one at that. I will expose the audience some of the features of the language that are like nothing else in the world of programming. I hope to give enough of a taste of Mathematica to encourage software developers to give Mathematica or the Wolfram Cloud a try.

David Leibs

Sr. Researcher

Oracle Labs

United States

David Leibs is a Senior Researcher at Oracle Labs. His research interests include Graphical Programming Languages, Compiler Front-ends, Meta-Programming, Active Libraries, and high performance Array Programming libraries.

David is currently in the Virtual Machine Research Group working on a “reactive” and “lively” graphical programming interface used for technical computing.

In his past David was responsible for productizing Smalltalk-80 at Xerox Parc and ParcPlace and was responsible for Visualworks. He has used Mathematica for 15 years.