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Learning in Product: How Wrong are You Ready to Be?

YOW! 2017 Sydney

While many Scrum teams talk proudly about progress, fewer engage is rich discuss about product. Many teams who become more confident in progress, or getting work done, often embrace the more ambiguous question of product, or “Are we meeting the needs of our customers”, with some customers buying, by paying for subscriptions, and others buying in, by showing (and glowing about) their use of the system.

In this session, I’ll share experiences helping companies adopt a customer and product / services approach. From small digital product companies to large enterprises who are IT focused, I will present an approach for moving to or augmenting an existing move towards impact driven work.

Topics that will be covered include: mapping teams to products and services, early product discovery, blending product discovery and product delivery, and if there is enough time, ideas for doing these things at scale. If we run out of time, there is always the hallways, where some of the best conversations take place. Feel free to stop me and chat me up. All I ask is that you bring your curiosity and skepticism, but leave any cynicism behind.

David Hussman

Lead Product Geek


United States

I dig working within, across, and outside of teams. I work hard to promote innovation and leadership at all levels and I enjoy helping focus on the impact of their work. My hope is people adopt a humble approach to learning about products, services and customers. I would like to see more people assume they need to learn and that they may be wrong. As tools for teaching, I introduce a blended candeneces of product discovery and product delivery, where there is, in the simpler case, one team and two cadences. I've also spent a great deal of time helping multi-team eco-systems learn about customer needs that are within a team or cut across many teams. Since that is a lengthy topic, I'll leave the rest to a conversation that I would enjoy in the near future, face to face or via some decent tech.