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NoSQL & NewSQL – The Empire Strikes Back?

YOW! 2013 Sydney

NoSQL is slaying the Relational Database (RDB) dragons with their fast columns, simple key values, graphs, BASE, and schema less features throwing their hooked on ACID SQL row farmers and DBAs into disarray. But Wait! Rumours are emerging of a secret YesSQL tech heading at warp speed to the lucrative Copious Data Galaxy. Is NewSQL just RDB vendor FUD or does the Empire have any hot cool stuff? Attendees may choose be seated in columns or rows according to their preference!

In this talk we look at the exciting evolution of databases taking place to deal the challenge of copious data. Attendees will learn about the innovations of new database technology and the opportunities and challenges for using it in production and analytics applications.

Dave Thomas

Chief Scientist

CSO Kx Systems

Dave Thomas, Chief Scientist/CSO, Kx Systems, Co-Founder and past Chairman of Bedarra Research Labs (BRL), Founder of the Agile Alliance and ACM Distinguished Engineer. Founder and past CEO of Obje...