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Compositional, Expressive, Performant Database Queries: Choose 3

YOW! Lambda Jam 2019

ORMs are slow and frustrating and SQL queries are giant, type-unsafe strings, incapable of modular reuse. Functional programming lets you access your database without sacrificing composition (modularity and reuse), expressivity (complex edge cases), and performance.

Many programmers who need database support either use an Object Relational Mapper or give up and use SQL strings and manually parse result sets. Both approaches have significant drawbacks for the developer and the business, including poor reuse (monolithic, non-reusable query fragments), poor composability, poor type safety, and poor testability.

Discover how functional programming takes the real world challenges of database access, helping programmers to be more productive, and making business applications smaller, faster, easier to maintain, and less buggy.

Dave Nicponski



United States

David Nicponski is the former CTO of SeamlessDocs (a government technology company), and an avid proponent of functional programming and student of category theory, having migrated from the OO world after 15 years in industry (LimeWire, Google, Twitter).