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Lessons learned building Kubernetes controllers

YOW! 2018 Brisbane

In this talk I'll discuss my experiences building Kubernetes controllers using as a case study Contour, a new Kubernetes Ingress controller, that I've been working on since joining Heptio.

This presentation will cover:

  • What an ingress controller is and what role it plays in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Why Heptio chose Lyft's Envoy proxy as the data plane for our ingress controller.
  • How Contour works as a translator from Kubernetes to Envoy. The parts that were a good match, the parts that weren’t, and how we dealt with it.
  • How to develop a component of an interactive system like Kubernetes while avoiding the dreaded compile/push/deploy time sink.

Dave Cheney

Staff Systems Engineer



Dave is a Staff Engineer at Heptio, a Seattle based company focused on helping developers become more productive using Kubernetes. Before to joining Heptio he worked at Atlassian, Canonical, and the Australian Government, in a variety of cloud infrastructure roles. Prior to these roles he had a long career in the operations and system administration space for Australian startups RedBubble, MailGuard, and Aconex.

He is an open source contributor and project member for the Go programming language. David is a well-respected voice within the tech community, speaking on a variety of topics such as software design, performance, and the Go programming language. He lives in Sydney, Australia and is damn proud of it!

In 2009, while idly perusing Google Reader (we’ll never forget!) he ran across the announcement of a new open source language, Go. It was love at first sight. From that point David’s passion has taken him around the world writing, teaching, and speaking about Go.