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When good code goes bad; how your code can scale along with your team

DevFest Melbourne 2019

Projects often start with a small team and limited scope, and quickly grow into large, complex codebases with contributions from multiple teams. The ability to quickly build and release high quality and testable features becomes harder and harder over time.

Drawing from my personal experiences of being in multiple android projects of various sizes and scaling phases, as well as our current scaling experiences at SEEK, I would like to share the learnings we have taken from the past, mistakes we made and learnt from, things we wished we knew earlier and provide some suggestions on things to look out for when dealing with the inevitable storm that comes with scaling mobile development.

I will be sharing some technical solutions that can help teams scale better and faster with Android modular and clean architecture, build pipeline optimisations, strategies to reduce code conflicts like feature toggles and self contained modular classes, higher parallel development with recyclerviews, quicker testing feedback loops with UI test suite sharding

Darren Kong

Principal Android Developer



Darren Kong is a software developer specialising in Android with a passion for people and building quality software. He can be found hanging out at meetups and conferences, playing with new technologies, or finding ways to improve teams. Also loves doughnuts.