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Typing is not the bottleneck

YOW! CTO Summit 2019 Brisbane

What does good enough look like right now for your product, team, or project? Are you investing in features you think you’ll need in the future because going back and changing things is too hard?

As individuals and as teams, we often deliberate for days (or longer) on the perfect solution, because we can’t decide on the “right way” to build something.

However, typing code is rarely the slowest part of delivering software.

We also often get caught by surprise near the end of a project by things we didn’t anticipate. Too often the lesson we learn from this is to spend longer analysing requirements and design.

This talk will explore how optimising for learning, and having a bias for action will help you iterate towards a better solution faster.

Damian will discuss some concrete patterns, techniques, and strategies that software teams can take to get working software in the hands of users earlier, and help you build the right thing.

Damian Maclennan

Consultant CTO



Damian is an experienced software developer, architect, trainer, and agile engineering expert.

He has specialised in building high performance “fire fighting” teams for projects gone wrong, and spent years working with development teams to try to avoid getting to that point.
He is an expert in deployment automation and DevOps, having spent time in the CTO role at Octopus Deploy, and a trainer and mentor on microservice architecture and Agile Engineering with StackMechanics.