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From Little Things, Big Data Grow - IoT at Scale

YOW! Data 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is really about the ubiquity of data, the possibility of humans extending their awareness and reach globally, or further.
IoT frees us from the tedium of physically monitoring or maintaining remote systems, but to be effective we must be able to rely on data being accessible but comprehensible.

This presentation covers three main areas of an IoT big data strategy

  • The Air Gap - options (from obvious to inventive) for connecting wireless devices to the internet
  • Tributaries - designing a scalable architecture for amalgamating IoT data flows into your data lake. Covers recommended API and message-bus architectures.
  • Management and visualisation - how to characterise and address IoT devices in ways that scale to continental populations. I will show some examples of large scale installations to which I've contributed and how to cope with information overload.

Christopher Biggs


Accelerando Consulting


Christopher Biggs has been into Open Systems since the early 90s and was there at the birth of Linux and 386BSD. His interest in electronics and connected devices goes back even further. He has worked as a developer, System Architect and Engineering Manager.

Christopher is now the principal of Accelerando Consulting, a boutique consultancy specialising in Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps mentorship and Cloud Data. Accelerando helps businesses get the most from their technology and tools, and creates custom solutions to meet clients’ unique needs.  Christopher is also convenor of the Brisbane Internet of Things interest group, and was a founding executive member of HUMBUG, the Brisbane open systems user group. He has presented at conferences and user groups around Australia and internationally.