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Organisational Impediments to Business Agility: True story of locked leadership mindset and how to make real cultural change through unlocking business agility

Business Agility Australia 2018

The story of the top 4 layers of leadership at large scale Australia company recognising their top 15 organisational impediments to agility and their journey to making actual change.

In this session you will understand:

  • How they looked across the entire organisation of 50,000+ people to understand what the impediments are
  • What the top 15 impediments are
  • How they brought together the top 4 layers of leadership across organisation in a room to co-create solutions to impediments, challenge leadership mindset and a real-time cultural baseline line of leadership
  • how traditional approaches to addressing and resolving organisational impediments propagated progress. Then what was actually required to start making
  • An approach that started yielding results that you can apply to your organisation

Chris Webb




Chris has seen the good, bad and ugly of agile, with all the scars and battle stories to prove it. Over the last 11years Chris has worked around the world with consulting firms and clients on various applications of agility. 

Chris' current role is to cultivate agility at PwC and our clients.

Chris and team assist value focused organisations realise business agility aspirations through hands on advice, coaching and application of scaled agility practices, various frameworks and enablers.