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Beyond JVM

YOW! 2013 Melbourne

The Java platform has grown and evolved in many ways over the past 15 years, and the JVM has become a ubiquitous platform for new languages, high performance computation, and big data processing. But there’s a lot more the JVM could do and more we can make of it.

In this talk we’ll explore key directions the JVM must evolve… via support for alternative languages, integration with native libraries, and optimization strategies. You’ll learn how you can push the JVM beyond its limits today and we’ll discuss ways the JVM will be altered and improved in the future.

Charles Nutter

JVM expert, JRuby hacker and evangelist

Red Hat

United States

Charles works on JVM languages at Red Hat, focusing on Ruby but expanding to other languages soon. He has worked on JRuby for the past eight years and has been a JVM enthusiast since Java 1.0. Charles hopes to make JRuby the best Ruby implementation for high performance, big data, and heavy loads, and to use lessons learned from JRub