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Mobile at Warp Speed

YOW! 2014 Melbourne

How to keep it lean, move fast and leverage your mobile channel.

More and more enterprises are moving their mobile application code bases in-house; these enterprises are struggling to keep up with the demands of the mobile ecosystem. Users expect a seamless experience, they expect new features as well as constant availability of services.

This session focuses on how to apply solid engineering practices to your mobile applications. By understanding common mistakes made, and how to mitigate against the risks. You’ll focus on creating a stable platform for you to continuously develop and deploy through.

Cameron Barrie

Founder & CEO

Bilue Pty Ltd


I founded Bilue because I believe that the digital world will enrich our lives. Bilue is a Sydney based full service product design company specialising in digital platforms. At Bilue, our team believes that technology has changed our engagement with the world and our relationships with each other. Beautiful design and a deep understanding of technology brings our customer’s digital products to life. This enables our customers to engage with and create experiences with their customers that we as humans crave.