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Phoenix LiveView: Building Scalable Web Single Page Apps Doesn't Have to Hurt

YOW! Lambda Jam 2021

Meet Phoenix LiveView, the Elixir-based programming environment for Phoenix. The author of Programming Phoenix LiveView and LiveView trainer will walk you through how the programming model works. Along the way, you'll see what web development is supposed to feel like. The best thing? You'll be able to build the interactive single-page apps your customers want without compromising on code organization or writing custom JavaScript. 

Bruce Tate



United States

Bruce Tate is a kayaker, climber, programmer and father of two from Chattanooga, Tennessee. A serial entrepreneur, he has helped start three companies, and most recently served as CTO for icanmakeitbetter. The author of more than a dozen books is active in the Elixir community as a speaker, author, editor and conference organizer. His love for teaching and computer languages led him to found Groxio in 2018.

As an author and speaker, he has written more than ten books including two JOLT award winners, most recently the book Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. He is the editor for the Seven in Seven line of books, including Seven Databases in Seven Weeks, with several other books under development.

When he is not coding, Bruce is an avid kayaker, climber, and mountain biker. When not coding, you can find him riding the bike trails by his home on Lake Travis or icing his most recent injury.